Commissions are the best way to have you art tailored to you and your home and also to have a unique piece that no one else has!

When it comes to commissions I have undertaken, often a special size was requested (often extra large!), or a special piece based on a personal X-ray or scan. Or creating a hand finished piece with the use for example of Swarovski crystals. The possibilities are endless and only down to your imagination and tase.

My series In the Eye of the Beholder for example, is perfectly suited for commissions. I can photograph your eye and transform it into a beautiful unique round piece superimposing a flower.

See the  collection  In the Eye of the Beholder

 Often the commissioning process starts with a chat, that allows to define a brief, often I will show you examples of other works to give you an idea of what your special work could look like. I will keep you updated with work in progress during all the process until you are happy with the final piece.


See below some examples of recent commissions


Extra Large black and white Queen commissioned by a client in Abu Dhabi
Extra large Jesus with gold leaf crown commissioned by a client in Italy
Commissioned piece based on the client's brain scan